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Kenz Hall was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, spent her childhood in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and has lived in Draper, Utah for the past 6 years. She has many talents, passions, and hobbies. Kenzie loves to travel and to stay home. She is an amazing artist but won’t touch chalk. She loves board games, family parties, and horror movies but refuses to enter a haunted house. She obsesses over fashion, make up, and hair. And she will rearrange her schedule for Shark Week. She describes herself in five words: Stubborn, Sassy, Driven, Introvert, and Independent. She is a student, an older sister, an only daughter, and a Mormon.

As a child, Kenz followed in her mother’s footstep and started out dancing. She loved being on stage and sharing her skills. It was easy for her, but it was clear dance was not her passion. Kenz was born to sing.

Without any vocal training, Kenz took every opportunity to get on stage and belt out her favorite song. “Fearless” was how many described her. When she turned ten, she began guitar lessons. She was a “natural”. Her guitar instructor called her an “quick learn and a joy to teach”, stating she was one of his favorite and most talented students. The guitar completed her package.

She sang and played for anyone who invited her on stage, whether it be in a local cafe, a Walmart holiday gig, a Carnival Cruise Karaoke Show, or a church and school talent competition. She had no problem “winging” it, as she says. But Kenzie’s vocal and guitar skills finally caught the eyes of others last year. She won several local singing competitions, winning the title of “Alta Idol” and “Draper Idol”. She recorded a five song EP “Hands On” and has sold her music on iTunes. She has shared the stage with local music stars like Ryan Innes, Amy Whitcomb, and Midas Whale. And has opened for well-known musicians like Dan Reynolds, Don McClean, and Joshua James. She enjoys appearing on local television stations to share her music.

Recently, Kenz tried her luck on the national level auditioning for “American Idol”. She became a fan favorite auditioning with John Mayer’s “Gonna Find Another You”. But rapping Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us” during Hollywood Week made her a household name. She made the Top 30. She describes her time on American Idol as a blessing. “Performing for Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban, and working with some of the industry’s best was a dream come true.” When asked what she took away from the experience, she said, “I learned to always trust myself. Make a decision and commit to it. Nobody knows me better than me. I won’t change to please someone. Listening, learning, and growing as an artist is important. But at the end of the day, I learned I was better off trusting myself”

Her music inspirations include John Mayer, Eva Cassidy, Paramore, and the Beatles. Yet, Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles are part of her morning routine. She enjoys singing Folk songs, Blues, Alternative Rock and acoustically covering any song she hears. She has a unique voice with an unexpected power and hopes to one day see her name atop the Billboard charts. Music is where her heart is. She says being on stage is where she feels most at home… “the vibe and energy the audience gives is unmatched.” Kenz lives by the motto “STAY RAD” encouraging others to figure out who you are and then STAY that way. “No matter what the outside world demands or wants from you, always stay true to yourself and your beliefs.” Later this summer, Kenz will release her first full-length album. She’ll be performing at local venues in Utah and Idaho and is excited to take her music overseas to Europe.

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